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Talking Tom Gold Run v7.0.0.4328 Remove ads MOD APK Download

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App Name Talking Tom Gold Run
Package Name com.outfit7.talkingtomgoldrun
Genre Action
Size 120.69 MB
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Update Date Fri Feb 02 2024
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Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK is an endless jumping and running game led by Talking Tom, very similar to Talking Tom Hero Dash, with the same Endless Runner gameplay. Upon release, Talking Tom Gold Run quickly reached 100 million downloads on Google Play. Download Talking Tom Gold Run Jojoy 2022 latest Mod APK and start an exciting chase! Jojoy Mod APK offers a different gaming experience.




Story Background of Talking Tom Gold Run

The Talking Tom Gold Run game is a jumper game featuring Talking Tom, the most famous and funniest lazy cat on mobile. One fine morning, Tom finds two raccoons (Roy Rakoon) sneaking into the house and stealing all their gold. Tom and Angela must hunt down the bandits to retrieve the stolen gold and build their dream home. You'll have to help Talking Tom speed, slide and dodge through the wild world to grab the treasure and catch up with the raccoon thieves.



The gameplay of Talking Tom Gold Run

In Talking Tom Gold Run, you chase Roy around a continuous 3D road full of obstacles by steering Tom for as long as possible, collecting gold, and avoiding being hit by obstacles in the way. The gameplay is very simple as Tom automatically runs into the screen and you swipe your phone in different directions to move left, right, jump (up), or roll (down) as he chases the thief and collects gold from the character ahead of him. You need to help Tom run as fast as possible to unlock new locations and catch up with the raccoon thief. And you can use 'boosters' to help you pass distances quickly and collect as much gold as possible, which is used to build and furnish the houses of Tom and his friends.

In Talking Tom Gold Run, if you face the raccoon boss in battle, you can teach him a lesson and get your hands on the loot. And during the game, you'll get extra rewards for completing specific tasks. In addition to gold, crystals are usually needed, which can be obtained by breaking into special safes scattered throughout the area. For even better results, you can buy boosters in the in-app shop to enhance your chasing skills, dodge attacks, and subdue thieves. Of course, you can download the Talking Tom Gold Run 2022 latest Mod APK for your Android phone on Jojoy to get the boosters for free.



Interesting Features of Talking Tom Gold Run

Get special rewards. Occasionally during the game, a special item will appear on the track. Obtain it and it will provide Tom with a lot of support in a short period of time. For example, the helmet makes Tom strong and prevents him from falling when he hits an obstacle; the plane takes Tom into the air where there are no obstacles, only countless gold coins. In addition, it is easier to collect gold using the gold mirror and magnets. But this special item has a short expiry date, so it depends on your luck as to what you pick up!

Special characters to help. Players can run faster and do cool tricks with the help of special characters! Players can unlock talking Angela, Ginger, Ben, and Hank whenever they want!



Festive events are galore. Talking Tom Gold Run APK also hosts a very wide range of activities during major festivals. For example, explore Winter Wonderland and celebrate Christmas and New Year together. In addition to this, there are many premium and special limited edition gifts to dress up Tom and other characters.

Defeat the Raccoon Boss. The big bad raccoon boss will stop at nothing to stop Tom! You must lead Tom to run and dodge obstacles and take down the bandit's truck in a great battle. One tip, kicking pepper bombs at him will make him finally give up!

Upgrade your house to gain new perks. The most special thing about upgrading your house in Talking Tom Gold Run is playing the game with lots of friends. New characters such as Super Tom and Angela are also ready to take part in the infinite runner race.



Is Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Good for Children?

The game characters of Tom, the raccoon thief, and Tom's best friend in Talking Tom Gold Run are very cute and will easily appeal to a child audience. However, it is not recommended that parents play this game with children aged 2-6 years.

One reason is that Talking Tom Gold Run has constant banner ads, rewards for watching 30-second ads, and 30 - 45 second ads that keep appearing between screen transitions, and most of these ads are for other game apps. Another part of the rewarding nature of the content is whether it is suitable for children aged 2-6 years. For example, the player must choose to use a circular saw to break into a safe for a reward, and the spin wheel feature (accessed by pressing the treasure chest on the home screen), and while the player does not risk losing currency in this feature, the wheel is very similar to those used for gambling (e.g., with progressive bonuses and other rewards for each spin). But the game itself is worry-free. Talking Tom Gold Run has been certified by the FTC Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Safe Harbor PRIVO. PRIVO is an independent third-party organization dedicated to protecting children's personal information collected online. 



Download Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK on Jojoy

If you are a fan of Talking Tom, you can never ignore the extremely fascinating Mod Talking Tom Gold Run. it is suitable for all ages and can be entertaining anytime, anywhere. Download Jojoy and download Talking Tom Gold Run 2022 latest Mod APK, join Tom and his lovely friends on their adventures! Jojoy Mod APK is really popular among Android players. Jojoy APK download is cost-effective, because you don’t need to pay. You can also share on social media such as Facebook or Instagram to show off your scores with friends, check my Talking Tom Gold Run.